hi!! my name is TAKUYA. . I love anime, manga and video game RPG. I'm not very active but I want to share with you all.

I speak both Spanish and English.

You are like night, calmed, constellated.
Your silence is star-like, as distant, as true.

- Pablo Neruda, ”I Like You Calm, As If You Were Absent” (via dreamsofadventures)

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bonds that can never be broken


bonds that can never be broken

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anime trope episodes: the beach episode, the festival episode, the episode where someone doesn't know how to cook
western cartoon trope episodes: the episode where someone has several copies of themselves made, the episode where inanimate objects come to life, the episode that is a homage to a movie from the 1950s, the episode where someone is shrunk down to microscopic levels and placed inside the body of another person

"How foolish the Public Safety Bureau is… He could’ve been made clear again. He still could’ve been saved." 

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Last Week Tonight’s Dog Supreme Court.

SNK Meme » 2/5 Episodes - The Defeated: 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls Part 6

And besides, whether your hair is long or short… Whether you talk like you do now, or like you did back then… Either way, you’re cute.

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Study time for finals

i am literally the grinch

I think as we grew older we realized the Grinch wasn’t the antagonist at all. He was just a fucking adult.